Phillip Island Museums - From Farming to Grand Prix Racing

Phillip Island museums bring you one of the most eclectic mixes of interests, with something for everyone.

All, except the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, capture the importance of each to Phillip Island's history.

The island's history is brought to life, from pioneers to auto racing and tourism.

The Phillip Island Historical Museum has displays documenting many aspects of the island's history from European settlement to the holiday destination it is today.

av museums mile post

Important events in the island's history, such as the wrecking of the SS Speke, one of many shipwrecks around the island, and the building of the first bridge, are included.

At Churchill Island Heritage Farm see a working farm but still go back in time with the old machinery and buildings to get a feel for the daily lives of the pioneers.

Churchill Island holds a special place in the history of farming in Victoria, being the site of the first farm in the state.

Don't miss the Family Easter Fun Festival held each year to showcase the workings of this enjoyable Phillip Island museum.

Of increasing importance is the National Vietnam Veterans Museum.

The only one of its type in Australia, it is a remarkable memorial to all involved in this conflict.

With some very moving displays, visitors discover the war from the point of view of the men who fought it.

Don't miss seeing the iconic Bell helicopter, known as the "Huey" - it's sound synonymous with the Vietnam War.

A work in progress, don't forget to go "behind the scenes" to the restoration area to see what projects are being worked on - especially the huge Canberra bomber.

Vietnam war era Bell helicopter

Visit Phillip Island Museums - At The National Vietnam Veterans Museum (above)

The History of Motorsport display at Phillip Island Circuit is a testament to the determination and dedication of the early local motor enthusiasts.

Today, think of motor sport and think of Phillip Island.

The site of the first Australian Grand Prix in the 1920's, and the first endurance races in the 1950's, the island is a must-go destination for fans of motor sport.

From these humble beginnings, Phillip Island Circuit now hosts a myriad of motor events during the year, capped with the International Motorcycle Grand Prix every October.

The museum has a wealth of vehicles and memorabilia to showcase the sport's history on Phillip Island.

Jack Brabham's Cooper race car

Jack Brabham's Cooper Racing Car

More an experience than a museum, the Islantis Surf Experience at Newhaven, is a must see for visitors.

The experience starts with a Shrine to Surfing which pays homage to the founder of surfing in Australia, as well as Australian champions.

Follow the journey with the stunning 360 degree cinema which gives you a virtual surfing experience.

You will find a fascinating world history and culture of the sport of surfing and the changing construction and design of the surfboard.

Particular emphasis is on surfing's story on Phillip Island.

Even if, like me, you know nothing about surfing, this interactive museum is a wonderful experience.

1960's surfing culture at Islantis Surf Experience - the Kombi van.

1960's Surfing Culture at Islantis Surf Experience

These Phillip Island museums are well worth a visit - all are packed with interesting information, artefacts and memorabilia to give visitors a wonderful insight into the island's history.

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