Kite Haven Olive Oil

Named after the birds which wheel overhead, Kite Haven Olive Oil is a small olive grove situated in scenic McFees Road, Phillip Island and run by Susan and David Lambert.

The grove of 500 trees is now over 10 years old and has four different olive types – Kalamatas (Greece), Pendolino and Ligurian (Italian) and Lucques (French).

Of these, Kalamatas are probably the most well known - a dark purple/eggplant colour with a wonderful flavour and meaty texture.

Black olives ready for picking at Kite Haven Olive Grove, Phillip Island

Olives Ready for Picking at Kite Haven Olive Oil, Rhyll

Apart from just using olive oil and eating pickled olives for enjoyment, there are of course the health benefits. Olives contain Vitamin E and antioxidants and although they do contain fat, it is good monounsaturated fat.

Picking time is a delicate balance between obtaining a good ratio of oil to flavour. Picked too early, there is less oil, but on the other hand, more flavour.

Harvesting at Kite Haven Olive Oil is from the last week in April until the end of June.

The different types of olives are processed separately then the oils blended to create an original Kite Haven product.

Selection of olive oils from Kite Haven Olive Oil, Rhyll, Phillip Island

A Selection of Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils From Kite Haven

Not surprisingly, the Lamberts have won awards with the Australian Olive Association for their exquisite olive oils.

The oil produced at Kite Haven is pure cold pressed extra virgin olive oil – perfect to use for cooking, salads and dipping.

Kite Haven oils also come infused with garlic, wild lime, ginger, truffle and lemon Myrtle.  My favourite is wild lime which I love to drizzle over my Sunday breakfast poached eggs – delicious!

Kite Haven olive oils are sold at Purple Hen Winery, The Corner Dispensary Cowes, Rhyll General Store, Island Quality Meats Cowes, and Kilcunda General Store.

As well, you will find them at local Phillip Island markets - Island Craft Market, Market on Chapel, Churchill Island Farmers Market and Cowes Foreshore Market.

Preserved kalamata olives from Kite Haven Olive Oil, Phillip Island

Kite Haven Preserved Kalamata Olives

Depending on the season, jars of pickled Kalamata olives are available at the markets and some stockists. Great to add to a platter with cheese and crackers!

 Go to Events and Market calendar to see when these markets are open.

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