The Nobbies at Phillip Island

The Nobbies are rock formations off Point Grant, at the western end Phillip Island.

The Visitors Centre is managed by Phillip Island Nature Parks.

A further two kilometres out to sea from The Nobbies are Seal Rocks - with a colony of approximately 10,000 Australian fur seals.

As parking is limited at the visitor centre, during summer there may be a free shuttle bus between the Penguin Parade car park and The Nobbies which runs about every 15 minutes. Follow the signs at the Penguin Parade car park for where to wait.

A viewing platform at The Nobbies, Phillip Island

View to The Nobbies at Low Tide

Raised boardwalks take visitors past penguin rookeries and breeding areas for sea birds.

A pram and wheelchair-friendly boardwalk to the east takes visitors to The Blowhole and Lookout.

Formed from ages of erosion by the sea, The Blowhole is spectacular on a day when the waves are crashing in and plumes of spray rise high in the air.

The Blowhole at The Nobbies spraying plume into the air.

The Blowhole at The Nobbies, Phillip Island

From the Lookout, visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the rugged southern coast - a photographer’s paradise, with bays stretching to Cape Woolamai.

During moulting season (around March), penguins can sometimes be seen sheltering under the walkways amidst a pile of down.

Penguins sheltering under the boardwalk at The Nobbies

Penguins Under the Boardwalk at The Nobbies

Sometimes penguins can also be seen sitting in the box nests situated close to the boardwalk, which is a delight for children.

This is a great opportunity for children to see penguins if they are too young for the nightly penguin parade.

The other, lower boardwalk has steps and is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

Take a look at the fur seals on Seal Rocks with the coin-operated telescope at the viewing platform and enjoy their antics.

(There are more telescopes near the visitor centre car park).

Australian Fur Seals at Seal Rocks basking in the sun

Australian Fur Seals Sunning Themselves at Seal Rocks

In front of The Nobbies there is an Aboriginal midden, a remnant of the culture of the Bunurong people, Phillip Island's first inhabitants.

The original stairway which once allowed access to The Nobbies is now closed to protect the habitat of nesting sea birds, such as silver gull and crested tern.

Point Grant is a popular spot for whale watching during the winter months.

The visitor centre includes a large cafe with huge windows giving beautiful views over the sea.

There is also a shop and toilet facilities.

Antarctic Journey is currently closed.

Inside the centre, there are displays showing a journey to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. This project is a joint venture between Phillip Island Nature Parks and WWF Australia.

The first level area, just past the ticket counter, has a small display about Phillip Island.

The second level, called The Lab, has interactive displays and the third, a multimedia experience.

The Lab has many displays about sea and land animals from Phillip Island to the Antarctic. A large touch screen has wonderful footage of penguins, albatross, short tailed shearwaters, whales and sharks.

Among other things, learn good and bad choices about the fish you eat, the importance of the Antarctic currents to the world's weather and climate, and the natural habitat of marine creatures.

Part of the Antarctic Journey at The Nobbies, Phillip Island

Antarctic Journey at The Nobbies Centre

Test your stamina in the Antarctic Chill Zone. How long can you stay in the sub-zero conditions?

Although very educational, with lots of interactive displays, most displays are for older children and adults.

Young children can have lots of fun in the last section - The Antarctic Journey.

This area has stunning film on huge screens of all the creatures which call the Antarctic home.

Visitors can sit as if on icebergs and marvel at the images around them on eight screens - worth the admission price alone!

For children there is a screen where they are superimposed mingling with penguins, seals and orcas - a lot of fun!

Ramps between exhibits make everything accessible to wheelchairs and prams.

Entrance fees to Antarctic Journey (guide only) are: Adults $13.70, Children (4-15yo) $6.85, family (2 adults, 2 children) $34.30, and Australian pensioner $9.55.

The Antarctic Journey is open Monday to Thursday 12.00pm to 4.30pm; Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays 10.00am to 4.30pm.

Click here for Antarctic Journey bookings -

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