Watch The Milking at Caldermeade Farm

Come to Caldermeade Farm and discover the answer to this question!

Where does milk come from if not from the bottle in the fridge?

About 75 minutes from Melbourne on the South Gippsland Highway,  the farm was established in 1875 and is a fully commercial dairy operation.

Time your visit for the daily milking at 3.30pm.

Cows queue for milking at Caldermeade Farm

From 350-400 Holstein cows are milked a day – and not by hand!

The cows are milked 50 at a time in a mechanised rotary stand.

Not only are they milked on the stand, they are also fed with grain to increase milk production and to keep them happy!

The cows are very docile and know the routine - they know where to go and what to do without needing much intervention from the farmers.

Visitors can see this fascinating computerised process from a viewing room overlooking the whole state-of-the-art facility.

How did dairy farmers manage to milk so many cows by hand every day in the "old days"?

It definitely makes the visitor appreciate the work involved to provide this basic food staple.

As well as the milking there is an animal nursery with baby animals to pat – of course this depends on the season.

The licensed café provides indoor and outdoor dining, with a wide range of eating options served with country style hospitality.

Friday night is spit roast night. Enjoy a lovely roast in a casual atmosphere before you continue on to Phillip Island. Bookings are recommended.

Milking time at Caldermeade Farm

Keep in with the theme of a dairy farm and try the pure dairy milkshakes!

But remember that in Australia milk must be pasteurised before consumption, so you will not be drinking milk straight from the cow!

The farm is open from 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, and 9.00am to 5.00pm at weekends.

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