5 Free Things To Do On Phillip Island

The budget’s a bit tight? Here are 5 free things to do on Phillip Island to make your holiday a great one and your wallet happier.

There are so many reasons household debt is high. The consumption of consumer goods has increased markedly in the last century. Who doesn’t want the latest model car or biggest television?

And banks are happy to load us up with credit cards to make this happen.

Maybe you have children. We all know how expenses add up when there are a couple of toddlers in tow.

Maybe you overdid the Christmas present spending or have you just maxed out your credit card?

Are you guilty of any or all of the above?

Here’s 5 free things to do on Phillip Island that will keep the dollars under control but lets you have a fun holiday!

1. Seal Watching at Newhaven

Yes, seals at Newhaven! Our Australian fur seals don’t only hang out at Seal Rocks. At low tide, walk out along the jetty at Newhaven. Look for the rocky outcrop at the edge of the channel with the navigation light. There are usually a few seals basking in the sun. And if they look like they are waving (well maybe they are!), they are actually fanning themselves to cool down.

Australian fur seals basking near Newhaven jetty, Phillip Island

Discover Australian Fur Seals Near Newhaven - One of 5 Free Things To Do On Phillip Island

2. Rock Pool Rambling and Beach Combing

A wander along an almost deserted beach has to be high on the list. Romantic if it’s just the two of you. Do you know Kitty Miller Bay has been voted the best “secret beach” in Victoria? If you have kids, it’s a great chance for them to run free and feel the sand between their toes. There are always amazing creatures to be found in rock pools and fascinating jetsam along the shore, such as shark egg cases and shells.

Biscuit sea star in rock pools at Phillip Island

Biscuit Sea Star Found in Phillip Island Rock Pools

3. The Nobbies

The boardwalk at The Nobbies is a great place to see penguins. If the children are too young to stay up for the penguin parade, this is a good substitute. March/April is moulting season and during this time they can’t go out fishing as they aren’t “waterproof” so have to while away their time on shore. Often they are seen sheltering underneath the boardwalk. Plus some of their burrows/boxes are close to the boardwalk and if the penguin is having a day at home, it can sometimes be seen looking out its front door! The boardwalk also has wonderful views to the mainland and of the cliffs along the southern coast of Phillip Island.

Moulting penguin at The Nobbies, Phillip Island

Moulting Penguin At Home At The Nobbies

4. Bush Walking

Phillip Island has lots of walking paths so put on your walking shoes. For the more serious walker there is the Cape Woolamai Circuit Walk, an 8 kilometre walk across a rugged promontory. For children there are several options such as Swan Lake and Oswin Roberts Reserve.  Keep an eye out for echidnas and swamp wallabies. Enjoy a picnic at Scenic Reserve after walking to the lookout facing Westernport Bay, French and Churchill Islands and the mainland.

Walk from Pyramid Rock to Berrys Beach

Walk From Pyramid Rock to Berrys Beach

5. Finding Chicory Kiln Architecture

You may have noticed old farm buildings with a distinctive style – square walls with a steep roof and small chimney on top. These are chicory kilns, still surviving the chicory growing industry which flourished on Phillip Island between the 1800’s until the 1980’s. A lot of new homes built on the island keep this architectural heritage alive by incorporating the kiln style into their designs. It’s fun to drive around looking for kiln-inspired architecture.

Old chicory kiln on Phillip Island

Old Phillip Island Chicory Kiln

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