Grass makes great steak!

by Kirsten
(Adelaide, South Australia )

I honestly think that what the cow eats makes a huge difference to how the steak tastes.

I probably wouldn't have felt so strongly about this until I saw the difference it made in how happily my 2 children would eat steak that had been grass fed instead of grain fed.

I didn't realise that most steak in Australia is grass fed initially ie free in a paddock, but then is fattened up on grain towards the end of its life. Eating grain changes the composition of the fat in the meat.

Anyhow, whatever it is, I'm no great steak cook, but even the kids will eat my grass fed steak happily.

For me, a few minutes either side on the griddle, waiting for the juices to rise, then rest and its done. Bit of mustard on the side and a glass of red wine (not that you need an excuse, but apparently it's been shown to help decrease the amount of saturated fat absorbed when eating red meat thus cementing the red meat and red wine match!).

For the kids I cook it a bit longer, they don't like the 'red bits', am working on them being carnivores :)

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